What Is Palliative Care and Is It Right for Your Family?

Family Caregiver Alliance 

Gary’s 69-year-old mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. After a successful surgical procedure, she has just begun chemotherapy treatments and while Gary and his mom hope she will recover, he worries about the side effects from her treatment, including loss of appetite, exhaustion, and nausea.  Gary has also noticed that his [...]

45 Facts on Family Caregivers from Research in 2011

As part of Family Caregiver Alliance’s report, “Family Caregiving 2011: Year in Review- A compilation of Research, Programs, Legislation, & Media Coverage” this brief highlights 45 data points based on research released in 2011 focused on family caregivers in the United States and Internationally.  The citations for all 45 facts are listed at the bottom [...]