Family Caregivers Feature Prominently in the Report from the Commission on Long-Term Care Released Today

Family Caregiver Alliance

Today the Commission on Long-Term Care released the full report on their activities over the past six months.  Created by Congress and signed into law January 2013, the 15-member Commission had a very short time frame for gathering information and issuing a report.

The Report has four main areas for review: Service Delivery; Workforce; [...]

Home Alone: Family Caregivers Providing Complex Care

Family Caregiver Alliance  -  Kathy Kelly, Executive Director

Home Alone:  Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care is the title of a new study released today that profiles the results of a population-based survey on the type of nursing/medical tasks performed in the home by family caregivers.   The study–one of the first of its kind–surveys families to [...]

Incontinence Care

Family CaregiverAlliance

Sharon’s 82-year old mother has always been an independent woman. After raising four children and losing a husband to cancer, she has lived on her own for nearly a decade. Over the past year, however, Emma has begun to require more assistance from her daughter with everything from preparing meals to keeping up the [...]

What Is Palliative Care and Is It Right for Your Family?

Family Caregiver Alliance 

Gary’s 69-year-old mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. After a successful surgical procedure, she has just begun chemotherapy treatments and while Gary and his mom hope she will recover, he worries about the side effects from her treatment, including loss of appetite, exhaustion, and nausea.  Gary has also noticed that his [...]

Advanced Directives & Living Wills: Bringing Up Sensitive Topics

Family Caregiver Alliance

Karen’s 85-year old mother needs more and more help. Her mother has lived independently in her own home since Karen’s father passed away nearly a decade ago. A recent diagnosis of heart disease has both women  worried about  future medical problems, the impact being sick has on independence and ultimately having to discuss [...]

Food for Thought: Nutrition for People Living With Dementia

Family Caregiver Alliance – Leah Eskenazi

Two years ago, Anna’s 84-year old mother was diagnosed with an Alzheimer’s type dementia. As the disease progressed, Anna was increasingly finding spoiled food in her mother’s refrigerator.

Now, though she claims she is eating just fine, Anna’s mother cannot seem to recall what she’s most recently eaten. Anna [...]

The Role of ‘Home’ in Caregiving – The Role of Partnerships in the Future of Caregiving

By Guest Blogger Susanne Stadler, Co-Founder of At Home With Growing Old; Architect and Owner of Stadler Architecture.

At last week’s ‘Thought Leader Roundtable and Dinner’ Family Caregiver Alliance of San Francisco kicked off a discussion on the future of care giving by looking at the potential that private and public partnerships can provide.  This comes [...]

Mastering the Juggling Act

By Family Caregiver Alliance

Last week Arlene missed two days of work when she felt uncomfortable leaving her elderly mother home alone. Recently diagnosed with dementia, her condition makes Arlene fear that she will wander off, or accidentally hurt herself or damage her home while trying to complete a task as seemingly simple as making lunch. [...]

The 30 Minute Strategy

By Family Caregiver Alliance

“What makes the biggest difference to your health? What has the biggest return on investment?”

These questions are posed by Dr. Mike Evans in a popular YouTube video he created, “23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?” that over 2.4 million people have already [...]

Making Ends Meet When Money is Tight

Family Caregiver Alliance

According to an AARP Public Policy Institute online publication that details the growing contributions and costs of family caregiving, family caregivers provide an estimated $450 billion worth of unpaid care annually to elderly, disabled or ill loved ones (Valuing the Invaluable: 2011 Update). Caregiving is already stressful, yet many [...]