Youth Caregivers: A Growing Population

Family Caregiver Alliance

Earlier this year, Mark’s world was turned upside down when his mother’s Multiple Sclerosis took a turn for the worst, leaving her in a wheelchair and unable to care for herself as tremors and weakness made it difficult to even prepare her own breakfast.  Since Mark’s mother and father have been divorced since [...]

Navigating Travel With a Loved One who has Alzheimer's Disease

Family Caregiver Alliance

With the holidays just a few months away, Patty is beginning to contemplate her family’s  plans. Her sister in Oklahoma City has extended an invitation to join in her annual celebration, however, Patty is hesitant to accept the invite. As the primary caregiver for their father, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s [...]

10 Tips for Hiring In-Home Help

Family Caregiver Alliance

Recently, Sandy’s 82-year-old mother has agreed to having a helper come into the home a few times per week to help with meal preparation, grocery shopping and some light housekeeping. As age and arthritis affects her ability to comfortably complete these daily tasks, Sandy and her mom realize that hiring an in-home caregiver [...]

Caregiver Wisdom: Reaching the “End of the Road” with Peace & Dignity 

Family Caregiver Alliance

Deciding on the right kind of care for your situation

I get very upset when one kind of caregiving is seen as “better” than other kinds. I have seen person after person (including myself) agonize over a decision to place their loved one in a SNF (skilled nursing facility) with some others expressing pride [...]

Caregiver Wisdom: The Really Good Caregiver

Family Caregiver Alliance

From the voice of a family caregiver

Dear Caregivers,

I feel there is a tendency to think that only caregiving at home from the beginning of an illness to the end of someone’s life is the best care.  And somehow that your devotion and love for someone is only measured by how long you can [...]

The Post Discharge Checklist: 5 Important Steps

Family Caregiver Alliance
edited by Christina Irving, MSW, FCA Family Consultant

Two weeks ago, Andrew’s elderly father suffered a heart attack. After undergoing bypass surgery, he is being released to return home. While his father is eager to get out of the hospital and back to the comfort of home, Andrew is hesitant about the transition. There [...]

Practical Tools to Manage Medication

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Henry’s kitchen counter looks more like a medicine cabinet these days than a place for breakfast. His daughter, Gayle, is increasingly concerned over whether or not her father is taking the right pills at the right times.  She also wonders if some of the medication her father takes could be interacting in a [...]

“Parenting” Your Elderly Parents

by Family Caregiver Alliance

Mary, a 54-year old mother of two college-age children, has begun helping her mother Betsy with daily tasks and doctor’s appointments. She visits each morning to ensure her mother has showered, gotten a good breakfast and taken her morning medications. Since her mother’s recent diagnosis with beginning stages of dementia, Mary has [...]

Day 22: The Aging Services Network: Ready to Assist Family Caregivers

November 22, 2011

By Greg Link, Aging Services Program Specialist, U.S. Administration on Aging

Are you concerned about the well being of a family member or loved one? Do you assist a friend or family member with tasks like bill paying, transportation, grocery shopping, house cleaning, or more complex hands-on care? Do you need help [...]