Consider Family Caregivers This Giving Tuesday . . . (and beyond)

(. . . Yes, even though it’s Wednesday. We’ll actually accept your donations throughout the holiday season. As it says above, the giving just starts on Tuesday!)

Family Caregiver Alliance

This is the first year for Giving Tuesday, a nationwide effort to focus on charitable giving during the holiday season.  Family Caregiver Alliance is a supporter of Giving Tuesday and urges all readers to consider a donation to FCA to continue our work with family caregivers.  For over 35 years, FCA has called attention to the needs of family caregivers, provided much-needed practical support, planning and direct services and continued to advocate that caregivers be recognized, assessed and supported across health and social service systems.

This past year, FCA has . . .

  • been a soothing voice on the phone to thousands of caregivers;
  • held Caregiver Colleges teaching direct care skills;
  • written comments to CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) on proposed rules to assess caregivers in waiver programs;
  • been interviewed on television, radio and print media on caregiving issues;
  • been a vetted source of consumer information for families and professionals;
  • counseled families on emotional issues related to caregiving;
  • held retreats for caregivers and camps for adults with Alzheimer’s disease;
  • testified during budget hearings on the need for funding supporting caregivers;
  • conducted short-term groups on caregiver depression, anger, and behavioral management;
  • visited over 400 families in their homes in the San Francisco Bay Area to assess their needs and develop action plans to guide caregivers in decisions and support;
  • held training conferences throughout the Bay Area and webinars nationally that reached thousands of consumers;
  • subtitled direct care videos into Spanish and posted them on You Tube;
  • presented at five national professional conferences on service and policy research;
  • provided respite to caregiving families;
  • published policy briefs and provided technical assistance to states and program developers;
  • sponsored robust online support groups with over 2000 members;
  • participated in national and state coalitions that advocate for family caregivers;
  • held the first public-private partnership event bringing together nonprofits, technology, services, media and venture capital to forge new relationships;
  • honored the John A Hartford Foundation for outstanding leadership in support of family caregivers and the four winners of the Rosalinde Gilbert Innovations in Alzheimer’s Disease Awards

. . . and the list continues.

Help us continue our work on behalf of family caregivers everywhere with a donation to Family Caregiver Alliance this year.  Give the week of  Giving Tuesday  so we can continue giving throughout the year.


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