Breaking Down the Language Barrier to Good Care . . . (New Asian Language Fact Sheets for Caregivers)

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Family Caregiver AllianceLeah Eskenazi

We’re so lucky to be part of a richly diverse community in the Bay Area. When FCA family consultants go out in the field to meet with families, they see first-hand how elders are revered and honored among various cultural and ethnic groups. But they also see how certain health conditions can cause shame or stigma within these communities.

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are complicated and often bewildering illnesses. Families need to learn as much as they can about these memory-robbing conditions so they can make the right decisions as they care for their family members. But language and cultural differences can add barriers that impact families’ access to critical health information, resources and services.

According to the California Healthcare Foundation, “California, with one of the most diverse populations in the country, has large―and growing―populations whose first language is Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, Vietnamese or another of the 100 languages spoken in the state. Officials estimate about 40% of Californians speak a language other than English at home. Unfortunately, the healthcare system has not always been able to keep up with this explosion of language and cultural differences, even though the need is critical.” This trend is reflected in many parts of the U.S.

To ensure that our clients have access to information about aging and age-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, several years ago we began translating our educational materials into Spanish and Chinese. They’ve become some of the most popular pages on our website.

So we are thrilled to announce that at the invitation of PASSi (Penn Asian Senior Services) and their funding from the Aetna Foundation, we are adding to FCA’s list of translated fact sheets while also providing quality language accessible dementia care information for PASSi’s client community.

On our website you’ll find newly translated Fact Sheets in Korean and Vietnamese, and updates for several of our Chinese Fact Sheets as well. Topics include Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving, understanding and caring for someone with dementia, and dealing with difficult emotional issues, such as depression, while caregiving.

The following fact sheets are now available online:



FCA's fact sheet webpage screenshot


Visit our website regularly (screenshot at left is of the recently updated fact sheet web page on our site), or call us on our toll-free line, (800-445-8106), to learn about new and revised fact sheets in the future.

Please provide any comments you might have on language translation and health topics for our fact sheet library.

2 comments to Breaking Down the Language Barrier to Good Care . . . New Asian Language Fact Sheets for Caregivers

  • Jemput

    Great resources. Caring for those with Alzheimer’s can be a difcufilt task. Educating yourself about the disease, strategies to deal with a loved one who is affected by it and resources available to both you and your loved one is important.Thanks for sharing!Kevin

  • Pat

    Great stuff. I assume these have been shared, or prepared with, the Alzheimer’s Association, right? I hope so!

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