Holiday Gifts for Caregivers (part 2)

by Kathleen Kelly, Executive Director,
Family Caregiver Alliance

In the last blog post I suggested five gifts family caregivers could use right now: 2 weeks of respite, Social Security credits for those who leave their job to provide care, a trained workforce and so on. Practical items to be sure. Today we turn to [...]

Holiday Gifts for Caregivers – Part 1

by Kathleen Kelly, Executive Director, Family Caregiver Alliance

This time of year, our thoughts turn to family and friends, celebrating relationships and giving to others. I would like to list my own personal recommendations on much needed gifts that family caregivers could really use in the New Year.

Gift #1: Respite
Seriously.  If we are serious about supporting [...]

Women’s Policy Summit: Advancing Women’s Health, Wealth & Power

Family Caregiver Alliance

Family Caregiver Alliance is pleased to be a co-sponsor of The Women’s Policy Summit, scheduled for January 17, 2013, at the Sacramento Convention Center that will bring advocates and other California leaders together in a multi-issue policy forum to present their priority recommendations to improve the health and well-being of women and girls [...]