Caregiver Wisdom: Reaching the “End of the Road” with Peace & Dignity 

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Deciding on the right kind of care for your situation

I get very upset when one kind of caregiving is seen as “better” than other kinds. I have seen person after person (including myself) agonize over a decision to place their loved one in a SNF (skilled nursing facility) with some others expressing pride [...]

Caregiver Wisdom . . . on Control

We Caregivers Are Not the Ones in Control…

I have learned in Caregiving that we Caregivers are not the ones in control.  There is no such thing as control for us.  We don’t make people sick or well, we only help them as they go through either.  So, all we can possibly do is the very [...]

Lessons Learned: Coordinating Physicians and Providers

Family Caregiver Alliance

Last week, Miguel’s father was referred to a physical therapist to help him regain his strength and flexibility after hip surgery.  Miguel added the physical therapist to his growing list of providers who would need to be contacted for additional appointments.  Between making appointments for the primary care doctor, urologist, home care provider, [...]

Caregiver Wisdom: The Really Good Caregiver

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From the voice of a family caregiver

Dear Caregivers,

I feel there is a tendency to think that only caregiving at home from the beginning of an illness to the end of someone’s life is the best care.  And somehow that your devotion and love for someone is only measured by how long you can [...]

Caregiving On The Road

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In two weeks, Tom and his wife will be hitting the road  to spend a week in their favorite mountain cabin, located a couple of hours away from home. While Tom is excited to get a break from his everyday routine, he still has not decided whether or not his widowed, [...]

The Sandwich Generation: When Caregiver Seems to Be Your Only Role

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Brenda has been a stay-at-home mother since she had her first child nearly 10 years ago.  Since her mother’s death last year she has also taken on the role of caring for her 83-year-old father who has been diagnosed with dementia. Between managing the household while her husband works, helping the [...]