Caregiver Health: Can a Change in Lifestyle Help Prevent Dementia?

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A few months ago, Amy’s mom passed away after living with Alzheimer’s for nearly five years.  Since the day of her mother’s diagnosis, Amy has lived in fear of one day receiving a dementia diagnosis of her own.  While Amy took pride in being able to care for her mother as her memory [...]

The Post Discharge Checklist: 5 Important Steps

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edited by Christina Irving, MSW, FCA Family Consultant

Two weeks ago, Andrew’s elderly father suffered a heart attack. After undergoing bypass surgery, he is being released to return home. While his father is eager to get out of the hospital and back to the comfort of home, Andrew is hesitant about the transition. There [...]

Incontinence Care

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Sharon’s 82-year old mother has always been an independent woman. After raising four children and losing a husband to cancer, she has lived on her own for nearly a decade. Over the past year, however, Emma has begun to require more assistance from her daughter with everything from preparing meals to keeping up the [...]

What Is Palliative Care and Is It Right for Your Family?

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Gary’s 69-year-old mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. After a successful surgical procedure, she has just begun chemotherapy treatments and while Gary and his mom hope she will recover, he worries about the side effects from her treatment, including loss of appetite, exhaustion, and nausea.  Gary has also noticed that his [...]

Advanced Directives & Living Wills: Bringing Up Sensitive Topics

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Karen’s 85-year old mother needs more and more help. Her mother has lived independently in her own home since Karen’s father passed away nearly a decade ago. A recent diagnosis of heart disease has both women  worried about  future medical problems, the impact being sick has on independence and ultimately having to discuss [...]

Emotional Support for Spouses/Partners of Individuals with Dementia

Last year, Maria’s husband was diagnosed with dementia. In the past twelve months, Maria has providing  care for her beloved spouse while noticing his symptoms worsen. The man who has been Maria’s partner and best friend for nearly fifty years now struggles to recognize her each morning and is becoming increasingly angry as his dementia [...]

Breaking Down the Language Barrier to Good Care . . . (New Asian Language Fact Sheets for Caregivers)

Family Caregiver Alliance – Leah Eskenazi

We’re so lucky to be part of a richly diverse community in the Bay Area. When FCA family consultants go out in the field to meet with families, they see first-hand how elders are revered and honored among various cultural and ethnic groups. But they also see how certain health [...]

Tips for Supporting A Senior Widowed Parent

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Late last year, Nancy’s mother passed away after a heart attack. Since then, her father has become increasingly lonely and introverted as he spends his days at home alone. Nancy worries that mornings once filled with trips to the coffee shop to catch up with friends are now spent in front [...]

Practical Tools to Manage Medication

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Henry’s kitchen counter looks more like a medicine cabinet these days than a place for breakfast. His daughter, Gayle, is increasingly concerned over whether or not her father is taking the right pills at the right times.  She also wonders if some of the medication her father takes could be interacting in a [...]