Are We At The Tipping Point on Policies for Family Caregivers?

by Kathy Kelly, FCA Executive Director

You may notice that there are many states now considering policy actions that effect family caregivers. This is a markedly different environment that reflects the increased desire for remaining in one’s community, coupled with changed incentives within the Affordable Care Act (ACA), that move towards outcomes that increasingly depend on [...]

The 2013 Rosalinde Gilbert Innovations in Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver Legacy Awardees

From Left to Right: Anna Fitch and Banker White (WeOwnTV), Gary Glazner (New Mexico Literary Arts), Richard Ziman (Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation), Kathleen Kelly (Family Caregiver Alliance), Mark Cornett and Kathleen Herd (Alzheimer’s Community Care), and Liz Schwarte (Ad Lucem Consulting)

With support from The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation, Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) [...]

Reading the Trends Plus Persistence Equals Expanded Family Leave Law in California

Family Caregiver Alliance

Recognizing the diversity of relatives providing care to family members, Governor Brown signed SB770 that expanded the current family leave law to include other members of a family needing care—grandparents, grandchildren, siblings and in-laws.  With enactment, the state of California has the most expansive family leave law in the country.

This legislation mirrors the [...]

Family Caregivers Feature Prominently in the Report from the Commission on Long-Term Care Released Today

Family Caregiver Alliance

Today the Commission on Long-Term Care released the full report on their activities over the past six months.  Created by Congress and signed into law January 2013, the 15-member Commission had a very short time frame for gathering information and issuing a report.

The Report has four main areas for review: Service Delivery; Workforce; [...]

Drumming Up Local Dollars for Senior Services

Family Caregiver Alliance

In spite of budget cuts and gridlock in Washington, many states, counties and local communities are finding ways to raise revenue to support services for older and disabled adults. One example: In California’s Santa Clara County (the home of Silicon Valley), Measure A passed in November of last year, which raised the local [...]

Celebrating International Women’s Day, 2013

by Andrea Orvik, FCA Communications Coordinator
Family Caregiver Alliance,
National Center on Caregiving


On International Women’s Day, FCA joins you in celebrating women—hundreds of thousands of women worldwide—who give care to a parent, a spouse, a partner, another family member or friend.  Thank you everyday.

Below are several special events that are honoring women in caregiving, in the US:

Woman [...]

Holiday Gifts for Caregivers (part 2)

by Kathleen Kelly, Executive Director,
Family Caregiver Alliance

In the last blog post I suggested five gifts family caregivers could use right now: 2 weeks of respite, Social Security credits for those who leave their job to provide care, a trained workforce and so on. Practical items to be sure. Today we turn to [...]

Diary of a Passionate Advocate

Family Caregiver Alliance

Amy Berman, an advocate extraordinaire for patients, families and improving healthcare for older adults, recently posted a blog on the John A. Hartford Foundation website entitled, The Essential (Before I Kick the) Bucket List.  But this bucket list differs from what most think of when listing things you might want to see or [...]

AARP Launches 3 Year Ad Council Campaign on Family Caregiving

Family Caregiver Alliance

AARP has launched a three-year public awareness campaign on the issues surrounding the growing number of family caregivers in the U.S.  Anchored by an Ad Council media campaign, the goal is to both raise awareness and to provide caregivers who may be struggling with care issues a way to find services [...]

New Caregiver Protections for Military Families Are a Step in the Right Direction

(Photo inset by James Spellman, Jr., Travis AFB Public Affairs)

Family Caregiver Alliance

by guest blogger, Sarah Crawford (Director of Workplace Fairness, National Partnership for Women & Families)

Our nation’s service members make enormous sacrifices for our country – and so do their families. When a parent, spouse, child or sibling is deployed, family members often must [...]